Fargo Police asking residents to check their speed in school zones

Photo by: Fargo Police Department - Facebook
Photo by: Fargo Police Department - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- Local authorities are attempting to send a message about speeding in school zones.

The Fargo Police Department took to social media Wednesday, saying it has received numerous complaints about speeding in school zones, especially near both Kennedy and Eagles elementary schools in Fargo.

"These offenses are occurring both in the early mornings as well as during school zone hours," said the department in a statement to WDAY Radio. "Fargo PD is taking enforcement action to address these excessive speeding violations."

Fines for speeding in North Dakota can range from a very low amount to well over $100, with the penalty stiffening even more for speeding in school zones.

As a reminder, the department is asking you to be aware of speed limit signs everywhere, including school zones. They also say it's best to allow yourself enough time to get to your destination without speeding for everyone's safety.