Kendall Qualls says Minnesota budget surplus belongs to taxpayers

(Fargo, ND) -- Minnesota republican gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls is commenting on the proposal by Governor Tim Walz to provide tax rebates to Minnesotans the governor calls "Walz Checks".

“They’re not Walz checks. They’re actually taxpayer dollars that were overpaid in our tax from our high tax rate. So those funds need to be returned to taxpayers,” said Qualls. 

Qualls is one of 9 candidates seeking the republican nomination. Minnesota republican delegates are set to make their endorsement votes at the party convention May 13th and 14th. The primary election is set for August 9th. Dr. Scott Jensen is widely acknowledged as the front runner on the republican side. Jensen also claims to be the fundraising leader among republican candidates, saying his campaign has raised $1.6 million. with more than $825 thousand cash on hand.