FBI, Grand Forks City officials to meet for briefing regarding planned Fufeng plant

(Grand Forks, ND) -- Grand Forks City leaders and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be meeting next week in Grand Forks for a briefing. The briefing will be in regards to the first United States wet corn mill processing plant, planned for Grand Forks.

City of Grand Forks Public Information Officer John Bernstrom told Flag Family Media that the briefing will include officials from the FBI, along with Grand Forks City Administrator Todd Feland, Mayor Brandon Bochenski, Grand Forks City Council President Dana Sande, City Councilman Bret Weber and Grand Forks City Attorney Dan Gaustad. Weber is the head of the Growth Fund Committee for the City of Grand Forks.

Bernstrom says the briefing is considered unclassified.

Neither Feland nor Bochenski were immediately available Friday afternoon for comment.