City of Grand Forks ramps up flood response

(Grand Forks, ND) -- With recent heavy rains and the melting of the snowpack, the National Weather Service in Grand Forks has increased the projected crest on the Red River in Grand Forks. The National Weather Service anticipates the Red River to crest at major flood stage of 48.5 feet on Wednesday, and remain at above 48 feet through late Thursday. Major flood stage in Grand Forks is 46 feet.

As a result, City officials are taking multiple response actions and putting them into place.

On Sunday, due to the rapid rise of the river, the Greenway will close at 8 a.m. This includes Riverside Park, Lincoln Drive Park, along with the North and South Pedestrian Bridges. Additionally, the access to Riverside Park will close Sunday.

The Point Bridge, located on Minnesota Avenue, will be closed. The Sorlie Bridge, located on Demers Avenue, will remain open.

27th Avenue North will close on Sunday.

On Saturday, North 55th Street was closed, from 8th Avenue North to University Avenue, until further notice due to overland flooding.

The Kennedy Bridge is expected to remain open, as it is not impacted until 52 feet.