Flooding expected near Kindred, Harwood, and north of West Fargo

Courtesy of: Cass County Government
Courtesy of: Cass County Government

(Cass County, ND) -- Cass County Government is issuing a flood warning to at risk families and infrastructure near Harwood, Kindred and north of West Fargo.

The Sheyenne River is expected to raise significantly sometime within the next 48 hours. The crest is expected to hit sometime on Monday. Cass County Government officials say areas they expect the most impacts include...

  • The Sheyenne River between Kindred and Harwood
  • The Maple River - Southwest of Mapleton to Harwood
  • North of West Fargo

Roads expected to close within 48 hours include...

  • Cass 17 north of West Fargo to Harwood at Cass 20
  • Cass 20 at Cass 17, at the Sheyenne River, and near Cass 13
  • Potential for Cass 16 and Cass 36 between Kindred and Horace
  • Cass 22 west of Cass 17

Cass County officials say additional information will be provided through alerts if warranted. Residents that have needed to sandbag should expect to do so again. For questions about sandbags, you are encouraged to call 701-298-2370