Arlette Preston hosts town hall on street racing in South Fargo

Courtesy of: Arlette Preston
Courtesy of: Arlette Preston

(Fargo, ND) -- Dozens of residents concerned about street racing and noise pollution on Fargo city streets turned out for a town hall discussion last night, organized by City Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Arlette Preston.

One resident said the loud racing and popping noises from altered mufflers sound like gunshots and have woken her up many nights.  One woman said she and her children were almost hit by a vehicle on 52nd Ave S.  Another resident who lives near the old K-Mart on S. University said the noise has gotten progressively worse over the years, usually beginning around 10pm on weekends with loud crotch-rockets, and another woman living on 13th Ave. N. said the last two years have been torture. 

Mayor Tim Mahoney and City Engineer Brenda Derrig,were also at the town hall to listen to complaints and discuss possible resolutions, like road designs, more speed bumps, cameras, increasing police presence and possibly impounding vehicles. Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski says he is working to get the department’s motorcycles on the streets during the warmer months and to get the Traffic Safety Unit, which disbanded in 2016, back into operation.

You can see the full town hall by clicking here