USDA ending waivers; meal charges set to restart in Moorhead Area Public Schools

(Fargo, MN) -- A big change is coming this fall when it comes to school meals for Moorhead Area Public Schools.

"Students will be charged based on their eligibility so it will be very important for families to fill out an Application for Educational Benefits if they think they qualify," said Ashley Schneider, the school district's Food and Nutrition Services Coordinator.

She said meal charges are set to restart in the fall because the US Department of Agriculture is ending waivers put in place over the past two years in response to Covid-19. The waivers allowed the district to offer meals at no cost to students. Schneider said free or reduced meals will still be made available to students whose families apply and qualify. Applications for Educational Benefits will be mailed to families in the district after July 1st. 

Original Air Date: 
Friday, May 20, 2022