85% of West Fargo businesses pass tobacco compliance checks

Courtesy of: Fargo Cass Public Health
Courtesy of: Fargo Cass Public Health

(West Fargo, ND) -- 11 out of 13 West Fargo businesses passed tobacco compliance checks performed by Fargo Cass Public Health.

Two businesses did not pass the most recent check by local officials, which ensures tobacco retailers do not sell the product to individuals under 21-years-old. Both Eagle Run Crossing at 3210 Sheyenne St. and Petro Serve USA at 239 Main Ave. W. failed for the first time in a year timeline. The remaining 85% of businesses who sell tobacco in West Fargo passed the checks. 

Penalties for failing tobacco compliance checks within West Fargo include...

  • First violation – Written warning including one-year probation
  • Second failure during probationary period – Three-day suspension of the tobacco license
  • Third failure during probationary period – Ten-day suspension of the tobacco license
  • Subsequent violations during probationary period – 30-day suspension of the tobacco license       

You can learn more about the most recent compliance checks by clicking here.