Fargo Veteran encourages residents to attend Memorial Day events to honor the fallen

(Fargo, ND) -- A local veteran who lost two friends during combat in Iraq is asking you to take time this coming Memorial Day to remember those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

"Well I just like to remind people of what Memorial Day started as and it was obviously started after the Civil War when our country was divided and we lost so many, hundreds of thousands of young men," said Jason Hicks.  

Hicks served in the Army and the National Guard and now serves as the Commander for United Patriotic Bodies. He encourages the public to attend one of many public events taking place Monday at cemeteries, parks and other venues around the metro. Memorial Day  became an official federal holiday in 1971. The purpose is to remember those who have died while serving in the military.  

Commander Hicks provided this list of Memorial Day events scheduled for the FM metro and surrounding communities:

7:00am: Ceremony on Veterans Memorial Bridge 
7:30am: Jewish Cemetery near Holy Cross North, Fargo 
8:30am: Holy Cross North Cemetery, Fargo 
8:45am: Moorhead Memorial gardens 
9:15am: Sabin (Elmwood cemetery) 
9:30am: Sabin (Trinity cemetery) 
10:00am: Evergreens South Moorhead
10:00am: Oakwood Cemetery, Harwood 
10:15am: Prairie Home cemetery (Moorhead)
10:30am: St. Josephs cemetery (Moorhead)
10:40am: Riverside (North Moorhead cemetery)
10:45am: West Fargo VFW Flag Raising, Program at 11:00am 
11:00am: Riverside Cemetery Program, Fargo 
11:00am: Moorhead American Legion Program  
12:00 noon: Sunset Memorial gardens Cemetery Program, Fargo 
1:00pm: Moorhead Legion Post 21 Memorial Flag Raising 
1:00pm: Lindenwood Park Army (164th INF)and Navy (Submariners)Memorials, Fargo 
**These times are approximate so it is recommended that you should be there 10-15 minutes early 
Cemetery ceremonies will include: Prayer, Rifle Salute, and Taps