Fargo School Board candidate Katie Kelsh talks building on success, more state funding for schools

Photo by: Katie Kelsh for Fargo School Board - Facebook
Photo by: Katie Kelsh for Fargo School Board - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- For one Fargo School Board candidate, her campaign is more based on building on previous success rather than tearing down a system or pointing out issues within the district.

Park Company Realtor and mother of two Katie Kelsh says her goal if elected is to build on an already solid structure of student learning and strong educators in the Fargo Public School District.

"Fargo North was just named one of the best schools, so when we've got it we just need to make sure we keep these things in place," said Kelsh while talking with WDAY Midday. "That means support our teachers, support children's mental health, provide them with what they need to be effective teachers, help them to feel safe in their classroom, to be listened to and heard, and to be not afraid to voice their opinions."

When it comes to keeping teachers in the district, Kelsh says the answer is right in front of us, and it involves State Lawmakers.

"The legacy fund is where we could start, which is considered the People's fund and I would consider the education of our children across-the-board as worth investing in," said Kelsh. "As of November 2020 there was $8 billion in it, so we need to figure out a way to tap those resources."

Kelsh says funding like this through the state could help with everything from teacher's wages, to building projects within the district, to hiring new mental health professionals and paying for school supplies for students.

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Original Air Date: 
Friday, June 3, 2022