Harwood Mayor: Infrastructure improvements needed to accommodate growing F-M metro

Courtesy of: Hankeyjustice.com
Courtesy of: Hankeyjustice.com

(Harwood, ND) -- The town of Harwood is looking at possible infrastructure projects due to expansions in the F-M area, say Cass County and town officials.

Harwood Mayor Blake Hankey says he is speaking with Cass County Engineer Jason Benson about the direction Fargo and West Fargo are looking to expand. Both officials believe the cities will begin building north.

"Everyone is of the opinion that growth might start happening in and around Harwood, "said Mayor Hankey on WDAY Midday, " So it is something we need to look into as it goes, and figure out if that does in fact happen, how do we increase our infrastructure so we can accommodate those additional houses."

West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis has spoken about expansion opportunities in the past. Mayor Dardis says the city cannot expand east, and is limited in opportunities in the south and west. This leaves the only available space in West Fargo north of the city. Mayor Hankey says long term plans need to be made to prepare for a possible influx of homes.

"The infrastructure we have in place cant support - say if we had 300 additional houses, I don't think our infrastructure could sustain that," said Mayor Hankey," So it is something we're concerned about just from a public works standpoint."