Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney optimistic after Roers Construction files building permit application for townhome project

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney is reacting after Roers Construction and Development filed a building permit application to build 7 new townhomes near the new Newman Center 

"We are very excited about that. The breach of contract letter is not even to them yet and they are offering a solution. This will be a good time to have a discussion and have a mediation about what we need to do to go forward," said Mahoney.

Mahoney said the company failed to comply with the initial contract to build the townhomes as part of a larger construction project in the Roosevelt Neighborhood. The mayor said he now expects attorneys for the city and Roers Construction to work out details to allow the project to move forward. Mahoney said the permit application will be reviewed over the next three weeks. He said the latest plan shows garages facing toward the street is contrary to the original plan. 

Mayor Mahoney is seeking re-election, and his opponents include Shannon Roers Jones, who serves as general counsel for Roers Construction and Development. She also serves as a state representative for North Dakota's 46th Assembly District.