New technology promises to "revolutionize" learning experience for North Dakota's public school students

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota State Officials say a new educational software program will "revolutionize" the learning experience for students in the state's public schools. 

"At the state of North Dakota we've had our eye on this type of application for a long time. We are constantly reviewing what the needs of the schools are and how we can best approach them and fulfill their needs to make them be more effective teachers, and help them give the best education possible to students," said John Geiser, Manager of Support and Technical Services for the state agency EduTech.

The system called ClassLink provides students a single access point for the school's education software applications, data storage, homework and grades, using a single ID and password.  The system can be accessed using a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The technology is paid for through a $90 thousand state grant.  ClassLink is already in use in Dickinson, Williston and Jamestown. 

Geiser right now can't say when ClassLink will be available to students in the FM metro, but says the system will be deployed to all students in stages over the next three years. 

“ClassLink will revolutionize the way North Dakota students use technology,” said Shawn Riley, the state’s chief information officer and the top administrator at NDIT. “Teachers and students will finally have a centralized place to access digital resources, seeing all edtech tools in one place. ClassLink gives students and teachers access to 21st Century technology.”

Original Air Date: 
Monday, June 13, 2022