Small fire breaks out at West Fargo Street Fair

Photos by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photos by: WDAY Radio Staff

(West Fargo, ND) -- A bit of a distraction hit Downtown West Fargo as the Street Fair went on Saturday morning.

A small fire pickup truck was called to put out a blaze in a small patch of bushes across from the Flying Pig Bar and Grill around noon as people made their way around the Downtown area.

"The smoke was pretty bad, but the wind pushed it out of the way for the most part," said one West Fargo resident who spoke with WDAY Radio. "When we first saw it we thought something was on fire. We're happy it was just a bush and not a vendor or anything."

The Street Fair was generally not effected by the small fire, other than just a few people watching as crews put out the fire.

It is unclear how the fire started in the first place.