"Focus on reading, writing, arithmetic..." Moorhead School Board candidate shares criticisms of current board members

Courtesy of: Nikki Pollock
Courtesy of: Nikki Pollock

(Moorhead, MN) -- One Moorhead School Board candidate is sharing her criticisms of the current board, and what changes she intends to bring to the district. 

Moorhead School Board Candidate Lisa Hahn announced her candidacy alongside two other candidates, Nikki Pollock and Ken Lucier. The three are working together to earn your vote in the upcoming November election. Hahn says one key guiding principle comes down to "parental authority". 

"Keep authority in the hands of the parents, and the decision making, "said Hahn at her announcement event in Moorhead, "They're silencing the voice of the parents and they are not actually listening to what the parents actually want."

In a release, Hahn, Pollock and Lucier said Moorhead's school board has "Stripped parents of their rights, allowed sexualized content in Moorhead Public School Libraries and wasted funding on programs unrelated to valuable student education." The release also highlights the protection of parental rights, saying "YOU have authority over your child, NOT the School Board nor any other official in the school system. YOU have a right to say NO to any health requirement or academic requirement that goes against your personal beliefs and still receive proper educational services."

Moorhead's School Board election is on November 8th, 2022. You can learn more about voting in Moorhead by clicking here


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Tuesday, July 5, 2022