Fargo Moorhead area counseling services continue struggle to keep up with demand

Image by: The Village Family Services
Image by: The Village Family Services

(Fargo, ND) -- Area counseling services continue to have a hard time keeping up with demand for people looking for help with mental health issues. 

"We serve a couple of rural schools we are adding more days there because school counselors and administrators are finding that more and more students are having what are medically necessary needs for some mental health support," said Shauna Erickson-Abou Zahr, the Regional Program Supervisor for the Village Family Service Center.

At her location in Moorhead, there is currently a six week wait list for people seeking services. She also says her office could use the help of 3 additional counselors. Erickson-Abou Zahr says Covid-19, the response to it, along with other current events including the military conflict in Ukraine and inflation are contributing to increased anxiety and elevated stress levels.  

The Village Family Service Center, a non-profit, operates offices at several locations in Minnesota and North Dakota.    

Original Air Date: 
Thursday, July 7, 2022