NDSU President begins week two of state tour, speaks about renewed focus on research

Courtesy of: NDSU
Courtesy of: NDSU

(Casselton, ND) -- NDSU's newest president is beginning their second week of their tour across the Peace Garden state. 

NDSU President Dr. David Cook is traveling across North Dakota to learn more about the state's interests and needs within multiple industries. Dr. Cook expressed his dedication to a key industry in the state while visiting the Agronomy Seed Farm Research Extension Center in Casselton, North Dakota.

"Thinking about Ag and the future of Ag, how technology plays into that, and really all the disciplines play into that, "said Dr. David Cook, " We can bring the intellectual power of the university to think about what we can do today but [also] what we can do for the future."

Dr. Cook also spoke about various topics throughout NDSU, including what the university is doing to provide student flexibility and focus, developing plans to retain faculty and staff, and discussing other crucial programs at NDSU. You can learn more about Dr. Cook by clicking here

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022