Grand Forks Mayor: Answers to come on FuFeng project soon

Photo by: FuFeng group
Photo by: FuFeng group

(Grand Forks, ND) -- As questions continue to loom over FuFeng group's proposed corn processing facility in Grand Forks, the city's mayor is issuing some clarity on when answers could come about the company's intentions.

Brandon Bochenski told WDAY's The Jay Thomas Show he believes those answers could come as soon as August. That is when the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. is scheduled to give their report and findings on the Chinese-back company.

The move comes after community members, local leaders and even members of North Dakota's congressional delegation spoke out on the project, citing serious concerns about the plant being near Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Mayor Bochenski does say, however, that a separate Chinese ownership group owns a business closer to the base than the processing plant would be, but he understands the matter should be considered in a 'case by case' basis.

Others in the community have cited separate concerns over the project, more aligned with normal building plans like traffic congestion, access roads and environmental concerns.