EPIC Companies details what you will see at new Fargo Waterpark

Photo by: EPIC Companies
Photo by: EPIC Companies

(Fargo, ND) -- We're learning even more about what you can expect to be included when it comes to Fargo's newest attraction.

'The Wave' Waterpark is set to open in the next few years, and will include several activities and fun for families, college students and everyone in between.

"A lazy river with a wave option inside is one of the newer things we're trying out with this project," said EPIC Companies Water Park and Hotel Director Eric Goolst while speaking with News Director Kyle Cornell on WDAY Midday. "Also, really a first of its kind attraction in that we'll have an America Ninja type course over the water as well. This will be one of the first Waterparks in America to do something like this."

Goolst says designs for 'The Wave' have been carefully planned through different trips and visits to parks all across the country.

Other things you can look forward to at The Wave include:

  • A drop slide that shoots you down 40 feet into a 'toilet bowl', which drops you into a pool below
  • Another smaller drop slide
  • Two additional slides; one being a body slide, the other built for actual rafts to go down
  • A play area for children to shoot basketballs in water, a jungle gym and huge 500 gallon water bucket that dumps the water
  • A splash pad
  • Cabanas
  • And an attached hotel to the Waterpark

To find out even more about the project, click here.

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2022