Red River Valley SWAT: Local community support is bringing us "good resources"

Courtesy: Red River Valley Swat Twitter
Courtesy: Red River Valley Swat Twitter

(Fargo, ND) -- Red River Valley SWAT spoke with WDAY Radio about how the agency determines when they are deployed, the staff they have on call, and multiple other topics

West Fargo Police Sergeant and Red River Valley SWAT Team Leader Craig Danielson says the team is made from a combination of multiple departments from across our region. He says the wide variety of agencies bring many resouces to the department in return.

"We have officers on Red River Valley SWAT from West Fargo Police Department, Fargo Police Department, Cass and Clay County Sheriff Offices, Moorhead Police Department and NDSU Police Department, "said Danielson, "We also have medics from Sanford Air-Med and Sanford Ambulance... because we have a lot of agencies, the agencies we come from all put their money into one pot. So we tend to have good resources, good assets."

Danielson says the community has blessed the department with their support, through financial and verbal means.  The team lead says there is always room for equipment improvement, but overall is happy with the amount of staff and resources they have been able to accrue. 

"We are just very appreciative of the public supporting us and understanding that SWAT is a life-saving operation." said Danielson.

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Original Air Date: 
Thursday, August 4, 2022