Fargo School Board President joins WDAY Midday to speak on new role, working with new colleagues, and her future goals for the board

Courtesy: Fargo School Board
Courtesy: Fargo School Board

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo School Board's newest president joined WDAY Midday to give an update on new board positions, future school board operations, and more.

Dr. Tracie Newman, Fargo's newest School Board President, began the conversation with her nomination to the position. She expressed her gratitude for not only the public but for her colleagues as well.

"If this is where my colleagues and people think I can serve the district and the students in the best way, I am happy to do my best to do that, "said Dr. Newman, "So far so good."

Dr. Newman also praised her four new colleagues, saying she is grateful for the wide range of expertise on the board.

"I think all nine of us just bring such a diverse perspective and we all have background expertise in different areas, "said Dr. Newman," That makes for a really rich dialogue when we try to examine complicated problems or issues for the district."

You can learn more about the Fargo School Board by clicking here.

Original Air Date: 
Friday, August 5, 2022