PLAM Action executive director speaks on plans to fight against Red River Women's Clinic move

Courtesy: Pro-Life Action Ministries
Courtesy: Pro-Life Action Ministries

(Moorhead, MN) -- A pro-life religious organization is voicing their opposition to the Red River Women's Clinic's move to Moorhead.

Tim Miller is the Executive Director of PLAM Action, and one of the key leaders pushing against the Red River Women's Clinic's move to their new Moorhead facility. He says, as of now, there is little that can be done in a legal sense. 

"There, at this time, is not a legal route, in the sense that we can fight a zoning change. There is no zoning change. "said Miller, "I'm a little bit surprised, and im investigating this, that Moorhead policies or ordinances would allow just allow in some office building for abortions to take place."

Miller says, barring any future legal challenges, the next way PLAM Action is looking to potentially stop the Red River Women's Clinic is through public pressure. He says educating the public is the next best way to cause change.

"Where we are going to have our greatest effect is - I believe that when we tell the people of Moorhead what is actually going on, there is going to be people that are going to step up and say 'we don't want this there', and they are going to put pressure on the city, "said Miller, "They are going to have to do remodeling. Who locally is going to want to do work in the building that abortions are going to be performed."

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Monday, August 8, 2022