"Back to school means increased business": Multiple establishments welcome incoming NDSU students

Courtesy: NDSU
Courtesy: NDSU

(Fargo, ND) -- Local businesses are happy to serve incoming NDSU students, following the start of the fall semester on Monday. 

Matt is a shift manager and bartender for Herd and Horns. He says the busiest time of year comes during Football season, especially following tailgating parties. Matt has worked with Herd and Horns for roughly three years, and during that time, he says back to school brings back most of their regular guests. 

"For Heard and Horns, back to school means increased business, "said Matt, " A lot of foot traffic during lunch [and] dinner, lots of students in and out, grab a quick bite in between classes if they'd like."

Just down 12th Ave North, The Bison Turf is also welcoming students back to campus living. Nick is a manager of the local eatery, and says the influx of students is certainly welcome. 

"As kind-of a neighborhood bar, we actually get a good mix of everything, "said Nick, who has been a manager at The Bison Turf for eight years, "Definitely a big part of it is the college community, but then also we are the neighborhood hangout place."

NDSU is starting their semester this week. You can learn more about the year's schedule at the university by clicking here

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022