UPDATED: AG: Fargo policer officer's use of force "justified" in shooting death of Shane Netterville

Image by WDAY News Staff
Image by WDAY News Staff

(Update: 4:45 p.m) -- You can learn more about the shooting and watch the four videos by clicking here

(Fargo,ND) -- North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley says the shooting in which Fargo Police Officer Adam O'Brien killed crime suspect Shane Netterville was "justified".  The shooting happened in an apartment complex the morning of July 8th. 

"He made the vehicle into a deadly weapon," said Wrigley in describing the incident.  Netterville and two other suspects were sitting in a stolen car parked in a garage, with a bullet hole in the windshield, prompting a resident to call police. Officer O'Brien and two other officers responded to the scene, and had ordered the men to get out of the car, when Netterville started the car,and drove toward officers, when O'Brien fired a single shot at Netterville, who was driving the car.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation took over the investigation and forwarded their findings to Attorney General Wrigley for review.

Wrigley joined Fargo Police Chief at the Police Department Monday afternoon to announce the results of his review. During the press conference, Chief Zibolski reviewed videos of the incident captured by the officer's body-worn cameras and the police cruiser dashboard camera.

Chief Zibolski said Officer O'Brien is expected to be back on patrol on September 7th.