Downtown Fargo brewery set to close despite outside success

Photo by: Drumconrath Brewing
Photo by: Drumconrath Brewing

(Fargo, ND) -- A Fargo brewery is closing its doors.

Drumconrath Brewing announced Monday that it would be closing.

"Hey everyone. This is one of those posts you hope you never have to write. It is with deep sadness I have to inform you all that I will be closing Drumconrath Brewing," said Owner and Head Brewer Sam Corr in a statement posted to the Brewery's Facebook page.

The statement goes on to read:

"From our humble beginnings out in Mapleton to our location in downtown Fargo, we’ve constantly refine our craft and worked to meet the ever changing palettes of our customers. We pushed through the pandemic, expanding our distribution range to six states, seeing strong and steady growth everywhere we go. The same can’t be said for our taproom. From the moment we opened it has failed to perform at level befitting it’s cost and has now become a weight that is pulling us down. As I am unable to vacate the lease for the building we are in, the only option is to completely close up shop. We still have some beers to release, but our last day open will be September 30th."

Corr went on to thank patrons for a 'wild ride', and invited them to continue to stop by until the brewery closes up shop.