Red River Zoo taking steps once again to protect flocks from bird flu

Image by Red River Zoo
Image by Red River Zoo

(Fargo, ND) -- Staff at The Red River Zoo are taking steps to protect some of their birds after a private flock of birds in Cass County was destroyed last week because of an outbreak of bird flu. 

"Our most susceptible species are our chickens, our waterfowl, and our eagles are all back inside again. Our cranes and other birds that maybe aren't as susceptible we're kind of just continuing evaluating what their risk factor is," said the zoo's Executive Director Sally Jacobson, while appearing on "Bonnie and Friends" and WDAY AM 970.  

Jacobson says their is currently no timeline for when the birds might be brought back out into their regular habitat. 

In other news items from the zoo, Jacobson said a couple of water lines broke this summer. A "core piece" cast iron component in the center of the carousel also broke, and the zoo is now waiting for a replacement part to make the repair.

Jacobson says the zoo expects to open the new "Pride of the Prairie" exhibit by sometime this fall.

The executive director also says the zoo is running slightly below regular staffing levels because of the workforce shortage, but says volunteers are helping makeup for the shortfall.