West Fargo City Commissioner critical of proposed parking ticket ordinance

Courtesy: City of West Fargo
Courtesy: City of West Fargo

(West Fargo, ND) -- A West Fargo City Commissioner is voicing several criticisms of a proposed city ordinance change focused on enforcement of parking ticket payments.

West Fargo City Commissioner Mandy George joined WDAY Midday to voice concerns related to a proposed parking ordinance offered by Police Chief Dennis Otterness on Tuesday. Commissioner George says the proposed ordinance would allow police officers to place a wheel clamp, or "boot" on the vehicle, if the individual has two or more outstanding tickets that are 30 days or more past-due. The boot would also come with a $100 removal fee to take the clamp off the vehicle, a $40 fine, on top of including the outstanding tickets. 

"I just think that's a little too far, "said Commissioner George, "After two tickets, to put a boot on someone's vehicle, I just think that's going a little far a little fast."

Commissioner George says she wants to work on a compromise with Chief Otterness, in-part because she says there need to be ways to enforce outstanding ticket collection. She is looking at other ways the department could enforce the tickets.

"I don't think the booting should be in there, "said George, "Two [violations] is too low, right now it's three... I think towing or removing the vehicle might be more appropriate."

Commissioner George was the lone vote against the proposed change. She says voters can make share their opinions by going to a public hearing and a second reading on the ordinance, which will be scheduled at a later date. 

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022