Minnesota Attorney General speaks with Moorhead residents about crime, tours Red River Women's clinic and visits White Earth reservation

(Moorhead, MN) -- Minnesota's Attorney General is traveling across the state to hear what concerns residents have.

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison spoke at Gooseberry park on Wednesday following his tour of the Red River Women's Clinic. He placed high importance on the topic of abortion, saying he will continue to protect out-of-state travelers seeking the procedure in Minnesota.

"If anyone comes to the state of Minnesota to do what is legal to do in Minnesota, which is to have a safe, legal abortion, and then they go back home and they are prosecuted, I will file a motion in those states to have those cases dismissed, "said Ellsion, saying the state is becoming an "island" when it comes to those seeking legal abortion procedures in the Midwest. 

Elison also spoke with the White Earth Band of Ojibwe to speak with tribal leaders. He says the visit was mainly to speak about various law changes between tribal law enforcement and county or federal law enforcement, but also to talk about concerns members may have.  

"We do have a role to play in public safety, "said Elison, "I believe everyone has a right to be safe and [I] want work hard to make sure the people are safe."

Speaking on safety, Ellison also touched on crime rates and prosecution. When it comes to expanding their role in prosecuting cases, he says the ball is in the legislature's court.

"We've asked the Republican legislature and Republicans in the senate to help support our effort to prosecute crime and help local counties, "said Ellison, "They have denied us three years straight, but we are going to continue going back to them because we believe people have a right to be safe."

Ellison is seeking another term this November in the General election. You can learn more about him by clicking here

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2022