Moorhead School Board Incumbent Keith Vogt: "We need to focus on the people" to support educators and students

Courtesy: Vogt4Moorhead Facebook Page
Courtesy: Vogt4Moorhead Facebook Page

(Moorhead, MN) -- A School Board incumbent is looking to earn your vote for the upcoming General Election.

Moorhead School Board Member Keith Vogt is looking to earn a second term. He spoke on WDAY Midday to share why Moorhead residents should vote for him, and addressed criticisms levied against the district. One of those criticisms comes in the form of lower reading and math scores shown across Minnesota, which Vogt says needs more discussions in order to fully address.

"I'd love to say that our graduation rate is 100% and we are above achievement levels for reading and mathematics, the reality is there are some challenges to overcome, "said Vogt, "There is data behind that, and that is what we really need to drive at, what is the reason we are not hitting our marks here at reading or mathematics."

Vogt also addressed topics like Critical Race Theory and teacher retention issues. On CRT, he says it is not being taught in the district "to his knowledge." Vogt also addressed not only through hiring teachers from outside the city, but cultivating educators within the district.

"We'd love to grow some more talent within Moorhead, some students who can come in and grow up in the district, then come back and want to teach," said Vogt, saying the district would love to have "grassroots" teachers within the district.

Vogt is looking to be reelected to the Moorhead School Board in the November General Election. You can learn more about voting in Moorhead by clicking here

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022