North Dakota AG Wrigley wants longer mandatory prison sentences for people convicted of using guns while committing crimes

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley says he wants to take a tougher approach to people who use guns while committing crimes. 

"Criminals get guns illegally and they use them viciously and we are going to address that up ahead, because the public rightly recognizes we can't allow these trends to continue. There's too many people finding themselves victims of violent crime in this state and we have to do things to turn this corner," said Wrigley.  

Wrigley says during the next legislative session, he'll propose longer, mandatory prison sentences for people convicted of crimes in which guns are used. The move comes after the state's latest crime report, which shows violent crimes and robberies in North Dakota were up by 11 percent in 2021, compared to the year prior. Wrigley appeared on What's on Your Mind.