Anonymous group releasing Cass County Sheriff's Office records

Photo by: Cass County Sheriff's Department
Photo by: Cass County Sheriff's Department

(Fargo, ND) -- A candidate for Cass County Sheriff is continuing to insistent that he has nothing to do with an anonymous group that is releasing department records.

Deputy Mathew King says he isn't behind efforts to stir up the race for sheriff. Code 4 Media is at the center of the controversy after the group sent a large number of sheriff's department investigative documents to reporters and news outlets Monday. It was also the reason over 50 exit interviews from the last three-and-a-half years were released Tuesday.

"Since I have been Sheriff I've made it clear that this department is transparent and willing to work with anyone to get information that we can release out there," said Jahner while appearing on WDAY Radio's The Coffee Club Wednesday. "Do I think everyone is a Sheriff Jahner fan? No. But I feel like I have the majority of support in this department and some may just upset with me based on things like promotions." Jahner is taking on King in the upcoming November election.

Code 4 Media says they aren't endorsing a specific candidate and that their goal is to "inform the voters" about activity in the department.