Fargo attorneys advocate on behalf of ballot measure to legalize marijuana use in North Dakota 

(Fargo, ND) -- Two Fargo attorneys, including one who previously served as a law enforcement officer, are advocating on behalf of Measure 2, which if approved by voters, would allow North Dakotans, 21 and older, to possess and purchase small amounts of marijuana. 

 "My views have been formed by being a criminal defense lawyer for 20 years and a service member for 24 and a police officer for almost 6 [years] before that. The policy that we have had about criminalizing marijuana and marijuana possession and minor marijuana offenses has had lifelong consequences on people," said Mark Friese. 

"My main thrust for this is, even though we do have medical marijuana legal here in North Dakota,the law is very rigid and so some people who actually need it for medicinal purposes are not getting access to it, and with this law as responsibly written as it is, it gives access to those people," said Fargo attorney Scott Brand.

The pair appeared on WDAY Mid Day speaking in support of the measure.

North Dakota voters defeated a marijuana legalization ballot measure in 2018. 

Original Air Date: 
Friday, October 7, 2022