Democratic-NPL candidate for secretary of state supports ranked-choice voting for house seats and changes to electoral votes

Image provided by Jeffrey Powell
Image provided by Jeffrey Powell

(Fargo, ND) -- The Democratic-NPL candidate for North Dakota Secretary of State says if elected, he would advocate for voting rights. 

"We are seeing around the country some moves, and they are republican led, we're seeing some moves around the country that are trying to find ways to nick off certain segments of our population, to keep them from having access to the ballot," said Dr. Jeffrey Powell. 

Powell says his proposals include introducing "ranked choice voting" for House seats, and allocating North Dakota's three electoral college votes "proportionally". Powell also says he would lobby county commissions for expanded use of early voting, especially in counties where American Indian reservations are located. 

Powell is a Student Life Director at Mayville State University, and describes himself as a "skilled database manager and supervisor".