Are you ready for the November 2022 election? We've got you covered

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Fargo, ND) -- November 8th is just over two weeks away, and that means election season is in full gear in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

Several local and statewide races in both states are being contested, and luckily WDAY Radio and The Flag have you covered to find out all the information you need to know to make an educated decision this Fall.

Our November 2022 Election Guide is up, inside of which contains a list of all the local candidates here in the FM Metro, but also those that are running for statewide office like Governor of Minnesota, Senate in North Dakota and more.

Not only is each candidate's name highlighted blue, meaning you can click it to find their campaign websites that contains bios, issues they're interested in working on and even contact information, but we are also working on interviewing every single candidate so you can hear from the names on the ballot themselves about why they deserve your vote in the election.

On election night, News Director Kyle Cornell and former politician and regular guest host on WDAY Radio Tim Flakoll will lead the coverage on AM 970 and FM 93.1, while our sister station The Flag will boast personalities Scott Hennen (What's on Your Mind) and Chris Berg (The Chris Berg Show) on AM 1100 and FM 92.3.

Once the polls close, we go on the air to give you the latest numbers and guidance as election night comes to a head. Also, reports Ty Schonert and Tom Tucker will be out and about here in the FM Metro, catching up with the candidates live as they work through what is a culmination of months and even possibly years of work to represent you in local and state government. Show host and news veteran Bonnie Amistadi (Bonnie and Friends) will even be heading out to polling places across the area to catch up with you as you make one of the biggest decisions of 2022. Not to mention we will have live call-ins from across the area, into Bismarck and the Twin Cities with campaign updates as well.

Make sure to click here to check out our November 2022 Election Guide, and we hope to see you at the polls and on the air come November 8th!