Former Cass County Sheriff criticizes campaign tactics of current Deputy, Supporters

Photo by: Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner - Facebook
Photo by: Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- A former Cass County Sheriff is criticizing the campaign tactics of a current deputy.

Paul Laney called out sheriff-candidate Mathew King and his supporters, calling into question his role in the release of employee discipline records.

"In my entire career, anybody who knows me, knows I served with honor, integrity and complete transparency. What I see happening in this campaign, and from the Mat King camp is an absolute disgrace," said Laney on his Facebook page.

King has strongly denied any association with the email group Code 4 Media, which has flooded media outlet email inboxes, including ours here at WDAY Radio with inside information from the sheriff's office, including exit interviews and the release of an internal investigation.

"You drum up fake media outlets, CODE 4 Media, Ben Longlet, you attack relentlessly with mis-information, and you embarrass and humiliate a man, Tommy Ray, who has already been held accountable for his mistakes over a year ago. He’s not the one running for sheriff," added Laney. "Your candidate has no background in leadership, he’s never supervised a deputy a day in his life, he has never trained, nor has he ever given any evaluation to one single person much less run an organization of well over 200 plus people, yet you blindly support him in an effort to take down a good man who has led Cass County through trying times these past four years."

Laney went on to endorse Jahner to be re-elected as Sheriff, saying "Everything I did as Sheriff, was to serve the people of Cass County. Jesse Jahner is built of the same commitment, the same love for community, and the same DNA as me. What he is being forced to go through, by the complete and meritless attack by his opponent, and his cronies, cannot go unanswered by those of us who love Cass County with all of our hearts."

Cass County reserve deputy Ben Longlet has identified himself as one of the people behind the Code 4 Media group.