Congressman Kelly Armstrong cites Postal Service Reform Act as among legislative accomplishments while seeking re-election

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong says there is much to tout about North Dakota while he's working in the nation's capitol. 

"I take the approach when I'm in D.C. is trying to explain to anybody, anybody who will listen, oftentimes people who don't want to listen, why what we do in North Dakota is important to them. Not just why it's important to us. I mean we feed and fuel the world, that's what we do. If you like bread, North Dakota is the reason for it. If you like corn, North Dakota is the reason for it. If you like cheap gasoline, North Dakota is the reason for it. if you don't want to pay a thousand dollars for a utility bill, North Dakota is the reason for that," said Armstrong. 

The republican first elected to congress in 2019 is seeking re-election. He is running against former Miss America Cara Mund, who is running as an independent. Armstrong is expressing optimism that republicans will win control of the House November 8th.  While appearing Wednesday on WDAY Mid Day, Armstrong pointed to his role in the passage of the Postal Service Reform Act as being among his legislative highlights.

"We have serious structural disadvantages, particularly in rural communities, and it's important if you're getting medicines sent to your house. But it's also important if you are a brick and mortar retail store in a small town. If you're not participating in e-commerce, you're not going to survive in a 21st century retail economy, and that only works if you can get stuff shipped and get stuff returned," said Armstrong.   

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, October 26, 2022