Police arrest four suspects and recover drugs and weapons in Fargo Moorhead area drug busts

(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo and Moorhead Police Departments have announced the arrests of 4 people in connection with an alleged narcotics distribution ring operating in the FM metro.  

The arrests and recovery of drugs and weapons happened in busts in Fargo and Moorhead on Tuesday October 25th. One SWAT raid happened at an apartment complex in the 48000 block of of 47th St. S.

Suspects arrested at that location are identified as 33-year-old Ricky Walker, 22-year-old Shermaine Lewis, and 33-year-old Aaron Bennett. Items recovered include more than 7,000 M30 pills, 23 grams of suspected Cocaine, 2 pistols, 85 Gabapentin pills, 11 Xanax pills, 42 Grams of Marijuana, two pistols and more than $20,000 cash.

“This outstanding effort highlights the importance of our regional collaborations and joint efforts as part of the Cass County Drug Task Force and DEA Task Force Officer Program. These arrests and the dangerous narcotics seized are but the tip of the iceberg in a growing and dangerous drug trafficking environment in which our community members are being poisoned by Fentanyl and other lethal drugs,” said Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski.

The busts in Moorhead happened in the 900 block of 17th St. S., and the 1000 block of 18th St. S. The suspect arrested in Moorhead is identified as 29-year-old Curtis Lias.  He's facing charges of Felony 5th Degree Controlled Substance and Gross Misdemeanor Child Endangerment. Items recovered in Moorhead include 3 Pounds of Marijuana, more than $19,000 cash, and two pistols. 

“Our metro law enforcement agencies have always worked together in a collaborative effort with the common goal of keeping our communities safe. This is another great example of that continuing effort,” said Moorhead Police Chief Shannon Monroe.