City leaders aim to find solutions to childcare shortage in West Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- City officials in West Fargo say they're taking steps to address the childcare crisis. 

"We've been getting lots of emails and letters as long as I've been in, saying you know help, what can you do," said City Commissioner Mandy George. 

George says the commission has formed a committee to try to come up with solutions to address the childcare shortage. One possibility is to offer grants to support childcare startups. George says childcare providers in the city are currently meeting about 88 percent of the all demand. She also says she's aware of a childcare waiting list of 400 families in the city. 

Options include having city fire crews provide free CPR and first aid training to people who want to work in childcare, and working with state officials to lessen regulatory burdens on new and existing childcare providers.   

"We're also going to be going around to the individual daycares in the community and we're going to be discussing in person, with our economic development director, you know the needs of the daycares and how we can help, what we can do," said George. 

Commissioner George appeared on "What's On Your Mind". 

Original Air Date: 
Friday, November 4, 2022