Option available for voting seniors who don't have state issued IDs

(Fargo, ND) -- Some seniors living in long term care facilities don't have current driver's licenses or state issued IDs to vote. However, there is a solution. 

"What this long term care facility certificate does is eliminate the need for the ID by providing those three pieces of information for identification in lieu of a standard ID," said Cody Schuler, Advocacy Manager for North Dakota ACLU.

The three pieces of required ID voter information Schuler referred to are a person's name, birth date, and address. 

Shuler is reminding long term care facility managers that they have the ability to issue special identification certificates to their residents to allow them to vote. Residents or long term care providers who have questions are directed to contact the Secretary of State's office or the North Dakota Long Term Care Association.  

LINK: North Dakota Long Term Care Association

LINK: North Dakota Secretary of State

Original Air Date: 
Monday, November 7, 2022