Guard against holiday scammers by using Better Business Bureau's "Scam Tracker"

(Fargo, ND) -- The Better Business Bureau is offering an online scam tracking tool that can help you avoid being ripped off this holiday season. 

"The digital way of technology has increased our efficiencies in the world and helped us connect, but certainly has created some hazards as well and I would say scamming and becoming a scam victim is definitely part of that," said Bao Van, Vice President of Communications for the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. 

Vang says most of the scams happening now are online, whether the scam involves fake emails or phony websites.  In some cases, scams can also involve phone calls from crooks looking to take your money. The BBB is offering the "Scam Tracker," which anyone can use to report a scam, to find out how to respond after being targeted in a scam, and to discover the types of reported scams happening in a specific area. Use the link below to use the online resource.

"Generally this holiday season you just have to be extra cautious about the transactions we're making, about the communications we are doing, who we think is a trusted business," said Vang.