Senator Cramer introduces bill aimed at remediating abandoned gas and oil wells

(Fargo, ND) -- Senator Kevin Cramer has introduced a bill he says is aimed at investing in research and development efforts to identify and remediate abandoned gas and oil wells. The wells can leak methane, contaminate groundwater, create other safety risks and limit productive use of land. The bill is called the Abandoned Well Remediation Research and Development Act. The bill's co-sponsor is New Mexico democrat Ben Ray Luján. 

Last year, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included Senator Cramer and Lujan’s REGROW Act, which built on North Dakota’s program to put displaced energy workers back to work plugging orphaned wells. However, methods for identifying, repurposing, and remediating abandoned wells can be improved, according to Cramer.

“North Dakota has led by example remediating abandoned wells and further progress has been made with the passage of the REGROW Act. Our bill keeps this momentum going by investing in new and innovative ways to track the problem and ultimately mitigate the damage so land is returned to productive use, emissions are reduced, and safety issues are addressed,” said Cramer.