Cass County Sheriff details ongoing school resource deputy program

Courtesy: Cass County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Cass County Sheriff's Office

(Fargo, ND) --  Cass County officials are sharing details about a regional school resource deputy program. 

Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner and Cass County's Sergeant Joe Crawford joined The Coffee Club with Jenae and Ronnie. The two officials spoke about the the school resource deputy program that the sheriff's office uses in rural Cass County.

"We have four school resource deputies, "said Jahner; stating three of them work full time between Northern Cass, Maple Valley, and Central Cass. One school resource deputy splits his shift between Kindred and Mapleton, 20 hours each per week. The deputies work as school resource officers, protecting students and staff, providing partnerships between deputies and residents, and providing coverage for department services across the county. 

"Cass County is so big, 1,768 square miles, it strategically places one of our deputies in those communities which are spread out throughout the county," said Jahner, "Although those deputies are in the schools a majority of their time, if something does happen in one of those cities that would be an emergency situation, that deputy could certainly break away from the school and go respond to that situation in that particular area until one of our other deputies could get there."

You can learn more about the services provided by the Cass County Sheriff's Office by clicking here

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022