National Weather Service meteorologist says dressing in layers is "paramount" in sub-zero temperatures

(Fargo, ND) -- A meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Grand Forks is offering a reminder to help you stay warm in these chilly temperatures.

"Definitely dressing in layers is almost paramount right now. You want to have one insulating layer with one to two other layers on top of that if you are going to be outside. You want those outer layers to keep out the wind and any snow," said Nathan Ricks. 

With wind chills dipping below 50 below zero in some areas of the state, Ricks also strongly recommends wearing gloves and a warm hat, and even a face mask if you're inclined. He also reminds you to keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car or truck as well.

"As for your car, just making sure you have, you know an emergency kit, extra batteries, blankets, first aid kit, flashlight, some food just in case you know. It's going to be cold. Have some blankets. So definitely you want to just be prepared for anything," said Ricks.

Ricks says the good news is that daytime high temperatures in the FM metro should climb back above zero by Christmas, and says highs early next week should be reaching into the twenties.    

Ricks appeared on Mid Day on WDAY 970 AM. 

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, December 20, 2022