West Fargo Fire Department warns residents to clear vents and gas meters of snow buildup

Photo by: West Fargo Fire Department
Photo by: West Fargo Fire Department

(West Fargo, ND) -- The West Fargo Fire Department is reminding you to check gas meters and vents following the recent winter weather. Heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on meters or external exhaust vents can present a safety hazard.

Gas meters have a vent to regulate pressure. High snow drifts can block gas meter vents, furnace vents and air intakes in homes. All vents and air intakes must be regularly checked to be cleared of snow and ice buildup. If obstructed, it could lead to a service interruption, gas leak or appliance operation issues. Blocked vents can also cause carbon monoxide to build up inside a residence.

 “We recommend keeping a three-foot area clear around all vent and intake tubes,” said West Fargo Fire Marshal Dell Sprecher. “After any snowfall, it is important to inspect all meters and vents to ensure they remain clear of both snow and ice.”

To clear gas meters and vents, use a broom, your hands, or a soft brushed tool to remove the snow. Do not use a shovel or hammer to hit the equipment to break up snow or ice. Chimneys and vents for gas appliances must also be cleared following a significant snow or ice storm to ensure proper venting.

If you smell a gas odor or if a carbon monoxide alarm sounds, immediately evacuate to a safe location and call 911.

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