Join us in honoring Deputy Dave Swenson from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office!

David Swenson was born and raised in North Dakota graduating from Grand Forks Central High.
After graduation, Dave enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served for the next 21 years.
During his military service, David followed a military police career track.
This provided him with a variety of opportunities to grow and showcase his leadership and incredible dedication.

Two traits have continued to serve him and all who have the chance to interact with him whether in a professional setting or casually.
As one would expect after serving for such a long time David held many positions and had the opportunity to travel all over the world.
A few of the positions he held included army recruiter, physical security inspector, traffic accident investigator, military police investigator, battalion S-2/IT, and he was squad leader for the road patrol on post.
His time in the army took him from New York to California, Alaska to Texas, and even outside of the country. He has also served in Germany, Guatemala, the Republic of Kosovo, and other surrounding areas of the Balkans.

After retiring from the military, David returned to his home state with his family. As it turns out, the laid-back and relaxing retirement lifestyle did not suit Dave very well, and he found himself spending the next five years at Prairie St. John’s as a part of their security staff.
The drive to serve his community further led him to apply for a position with Cass County’s Sheriff’s Office in 2007.
When he accepted his role at the Cass County Jail the population was typically around 150 inmates, and over the years the jail has expanded to over double these numbers.

Dave was nominated by his peers to be deputy of the year in 2021. Also, Dave is an amazing quilter. He can make quilts faster than anyone we know.
He is very generous and gives his quilts away as gifts, donates them to many different benefits to sell our auction off.
Dave repurposed some of the old inmate's orange clothing that would be disposed of. He repurposed the clothing and made a quilt out of it and stitched inspirational quotes on it.
He donated that quilt to the Jail Chaplains, and it has been auctioned off at the Jail Chaplains Dessert Social at least 2 different times where it has raised a lot of money.  

Deputy David Swenson, we salute you!