Governor Burgum: North Dakota will become "first state in the nation" to offer internet access to all citizens

(Fargo, ND) -- During his state of the state address Tuesday, Governor Doug Burgum talked about efforts aimed at providing Internet access to everyone in the state. 

"We do continue to make strides towards our goal of being the first state in the nation to reach 100 percent of our citizens with fast, reliable broadband," Burgum. 

Burgum says currently there are plans to install 1,100 miles of additional fiber in North Dakota, which will connect the last 2,150 under-served and un-served addresses across the state. Burgum says funding to pay for the initiative comes from the American Rescue Plan Act. The governor says having smart, efficient infrastructure is part of what it takes to attract new capital and talent to North Dakota. 

LINK: Governor Burgum's State of the State address