Eventide Senior Living Community in Moorhead responds to bed bug complaints in 4 apartments

Image by Centers for Disease Control
Image by Centers for Disease Control

(Fargo, ND) -- The Executive Director at a senior assisted living facility in Moorhead says they are clearing bed bugs found in apartment units. 

"Our first case started around September of 2022, so September of last year, and the case was under control, we treated it, and that was an isolated incident at the time, said Emily Kollar.    

Kollar says since September, they have received three more reports from others living in the complex, which features 187 apartment units. Kollar says they can't identify how the insects entered the units. She says cleanup and restoration work has been completed at three of the four apartments affected. Kollar also says the staff helped line-up alternative living arrangements for impacted residents. 

"it is a new issue for us. We have not previously dealt with this and so you know we are learning more about it and it's unfortunate for the residents who have been involved as well. We're doing everything we can to be supportive for them and to do what we can to help them through the process too," said Kollar.  

Original Air Date: 
Monday, January 16, 2023