North Dakota state representative Koppelman pushing bill to ban "un-American" ranked choice and approval voting

(Fargo, ND) -- A bill being considered by lawmakers in Bismarck could eliminate the use of approval voting in Fargo elections. 

"The strategy in approval voting is to be the least polarizing, the least principled, the most, maybe agreeable, but agreeable on things that don't matter," said republican State Representative Ben Koppelman  

The representative from West Fargo has introduced House Bill 1273. It would outlaw ranked choice voting and approval voting statewide. Approval voting is currently used in Fargo elections. Koppelman says the alternative voting approaches create advantages for incumbents and create paths to victory for candidates who don't differentiate themselves on important issues.

"So it dilutes the purpose of voting. You don't get the people that best represent you, you get everybody's second, or third, or ninth choice and that's where I think it's kind of un-American to have that sort of a voting system, said Koppelman.  

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2023