Fargo Catholic Diocese shares school successes as 2023 academic year continues

Courtesy: Diocese of Fargo
Courtesy: Diocese of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- Mike Hagstrom, the Director of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fargo. joined WDAY Radio to share updates on the happenings within their private schools across the region.

Hagstrom oversees 14 schools across the eastern North Dakota. One of the issues he highlighted was attracting the right people and educators who want to work in the private schools, largely because of the need in rural communities. He says the issues have concerns have been evenly spread over the schools as a whole, but acknowledged some communities are more heavily impacted than others.  

"We have some unfilled positions this year, "explained Hagstrom, "Now we have long-term subs and we are delivering our education, but we are experiencing some hiring challenges... if you are a small rural district or a small rural catholic school; that is going to be a challenge, to attract someone to live in maybe a smaller town."

On the academic side, the director says the schools haven't seen a learning loss due to the pandemic like other districts across the region and the United States. He says this is especially true on standardized assessments. 

Looking to the future, Hagstrom says they are looking to find methods to address tuition concerns. He also acknowledged the need for additional schools in the region, especially within the Red River Valley. 

"Our new elementary school in West Fargo is 94% full, there is not much room out there, there is a lot of families out there, "said Hagstrom, "We have to be at least exploring options for meeting the needs."


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, January 26, 2023