Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary focused on attracting "hundreds of millions more into North Dakota"

Image by O'Leary Ventures
Image by O'Leary Ventures

(Fargo, ND) -- Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary sees big things in the future for the state of North Dakota. 

"I see more capital coming from outside North Dakota to North Dakota because I've noticed since we've made this announcement and it's only been 24 hours. I've had multiple calls from PE firms, venture firms saying what's going on here? What are you doing? It's a small community. We all know each other. We often co-invest in our deals, We co-mingle deals and they're asking me what is the story on North Dakota," said O'Leary.  

The State of North Dakota has just announced O'Leary's firm, O'Leary Ventures has been selected to manage a $45 million dollar direct investment program for early-stage small businesses in the state. The program is called the Wonder Fund. O'Leary says his job now is to attract "hundreds of millions more into North Dakota".

"Everybody including me is saying where else can we go, where can we go where we get stable taxes that are competitive, we get good regulatory policy and we've got good leadership that is pro-business. Well, check the box on all of those for North Dakota," said O'Leary.  


Original Air Date: 
Friday, January 27, 2023